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Shaolin bus History


In 2013, the company was awarded the "national Shou contract re credit" enterprise by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the same year, the company implemented a comprehensive budget management, group management and control model.


In 2012, company of one-time through the national Ministry of concrete stirring transport vehicle production qualification examination and acceptance; the first by the State Ministry of school bus production enterprise and product qualification examination and acceptance; "Shaolin" brand to value into the column of 40.96 billion yuan of China's most brand value of Top 500.


In 2011, the new marketing center put into operation, better to customers, social display of the Shaolin bus products, enterprises and the external image of good business environment, so as to better, more efficient use of modern technology and information management system for customers, to provide better service to the community, and constantly improve the market competitiveness of enterprises and products! In the same year, the new testing center project put into use, realize the raw materials, spare parts into the factory and the dual detection, to ensure product qualification rate of 100%; the same year, the full realization of the product quality of the whole vehicle cathode electrophoresis process, the quality of the product quality of the Shaolin bus to achieve a qualitative leap ,Shaolin bus to 3085000000 yuan brand value on the list of China's 500 most valuable brands list.


In 2010, the company won the first Zhengzhou mayor quality award, the same year, a one-time through the national Ministry of new energy automotive vehicle production qualification approval.


In 2009, the Shaolin graphic trademark was identified as "China's well-known trademarks".


In 2008, the company set up the industry's first academician workstation, Chinese Engineering academician Zhong Zhihua, Guo Konghui Shaolin bus academician workstation distinguished academician, accelerate the pace of innovation of the Shaolin bus products, enterprises maintain sustained, rapid and healthy development play a solid foundation; in the same year, the company was awarded the "provincial model labor relationship harmonious enterprise" Henan Provincial Federation of trade unions.


2007, the completion of a large passenger car project, the same year to obtain a bus chassis production qualification, the company was incorporated into the vehicle manufacturing enterprise directory.


2004, 2007, a large and medium sized passenger car in was awarded the "Chinese famous brand" award.


2003, party secretary Zhou Wenchang was elected to the Tenth National People's congress.


2000 so far, the company for 13 consecutive years by the ISO 9001 quality management system standards audit.


1994, 1998, the party secretary Zhou Wenchang, the eighth consecutive two elected Henan Province, the National People's Congress of the ninth.


1995, party secretary Zhou Wenchang was named national model workers.


1992, the party secretary Zhou Wenchang comrades approved by the State Council approved the first, become the special allowance of the State Council to enjoy the treatment of experts.


In 1991, the company was awarded the "national advanced enterprise" by the Ministry of agriculture of the people's Republic of China. The same year, the export of the Shaolin passenger car to fill the blank of the automobile industry in Henan province.


In 1990, the first in the light bus to achieve oil brake gas brake.


In 1987, the first to achieve gasoline engine on the bus to change the diesel engine, leading the national light bus power matching reform. 


In 1983, the creation of the Zhengzhou Sishui Automobile Refitting Factory, "Shaolin car" was born, Shaolin brand 620 type passenger travel and 130 notchback was born.

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