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SLG6660EVGEnergy saving,environmental conservation

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Seats 20-31
Length 6-7 meters
Bus model SLG6660EVG
Dimension(mm) 6600*2240*2820,3020
G.V.W.(kg) 7000
Max. speed(km/h) 69
Tire 215/75R17.5
Standard seats 19
Number of passengers 36/10-22
Luggage compartment(M3) without
Brake system Electric pump, double circuit pneumatic brake, a front disc and rear drum type of service brake, mechanical manual brake with pulling wire.
Suspension system To be independent at the front and a few of leaf springs at the rear, -/3
Fuel tank (L) Pure electric
Interiors The flat floor or the floor leather of block diagram on the bamboo-wooden floor.
Air conditioner (A/C) optional
Heating system optional
Audio & video system radio & player
Body structure semi-monocoque body.
Standard configuration Electric mirror, built-in push-pull window, CAN meter, electrical horn, vehicle traveling data recorder with GPS, one block of 6-QA-100 battery, electric cooling-heating A/C, Plain high-grade paint; using the soft foam for the whole vehicle, adjustable driver’s seat, luxurious bus seats, and safety belt. Seat layout:2+1 layout(13+1). Driver’s door, passenger’s door at the front, openable door at the rear, adjustable steering wheel forward, backward, up and down.
Optional configuration The whole curtain for the bus, the wheel cover of stainless steel, aluminum alloy wheel cover and nylon wheel cover, VCD, brake lights at the high, monitor of double probes for backing up & getting off, metal paint. It is available to fix 15+1 seats if with middle door. Middle sliding door.

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The volume of the optimized luggage compartmentis 13% larger than that of the vehicles of same kind and can carry moreluggage, bringing more convenience for passengers.Enlarged passenger compartment: voluminous interior space, widenedaisle ...