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SLG6600Safety and Wealth

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Seats 10-19
Length 5-6 meters
Bus model SLG6600
Dimension(mm) 5995*2240*2800
G.V.W.(kg) 5700/6050
Max. speed(km/h) 95
Tire 7.00-16/7.00R16
Fuel tank (L) 90
Brake system Dual air brake
Suspension system Multi-leaf spring(8front/10rear)
Luggage compartment(M3) 0.61
Clutch single plate, dry type, diaphragm springs.
Gearbox DF5S300
Interiors Integrated environmental conservation interior
Air conditioner (A/C) optional
Heating system optional
Audio & video system radio & player
Body structure frame structure
Luggage rack optional
Standard seats 18+1
Number of passengers 19
Standard configuration Electric clock; Handrail; Bus stop announcer; Side mirror; Adjustable driver seat; Pneumatic folding door; Sliding window with a fixed top; Blow molded seats; Model 650 roof hatch; Two 6-QW-100 batteries; Windshield fit with gasket;
Optional configuration Diaphragm spring brake; Catching handle; Bus stop announcer; Integrated side mirror; Semi-upholstered blow molded seat; Reversing and internal camera display; Bus fare box; Modesty panel behind driver; Aluminum diamond plate flooring; Iron diamond plate flooring; Slack adjuster; Clutch servo; Power steering; Air dryer; Fuel heater; Front door; LED destination sign; Coolant heater; Curtains; Aluminum wheel cover; Heating system; 7.00R16 tire;



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The volume of the optimized luggage compartmentis 13% larger than that of the vehicles of same kind and can carry moreluggage, bringing more convenience for passengers.Enlarged passenger compartment: voluminous interior space, widenedaisle ...