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SLG6580-MINIMinibody and Flexible Driving

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  • Technical parameters
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  • Operating case

Length 5-6 meters
Bus model SLG6580
Dimension(mm) 5805*1960*2600
G.V.W.(kg) 5300
Max. speed(km/h) 69
Tire 6.50-16/6.50R16
Luggage compartment(M3) without
Clutch diaphragm spring clutch.
Gearbox LC5T28
Brake system Dual air brake system with the drum brake at the front and rear.
Suspension system a few of steel leaf springs,Bidirectional hydraulic cylinder type of shock absorber, with front transverse stable rod.
Fuel tank (L) 70
Interiors Integrated environmental conservation interior
Air conditioner (A/C) optional
Heating system optional
Audio & video system radio & player
Body structure frame structure
Luggage rack without
Standard seats 10
Number of passengers 19/10-14
Standard configuration Manual side mirror; bilt-in sliding window; 650 scuttle, blowing plastic seats,pneumatic folding doors at the front and the rear, Adjustable steering wheel, Two 6-QA-105 batteries, electric horn, defroster with big power, eletric fan, inner handrail, grey floor leather, semi-sunshade at the front windshield, adjuatable driver’s seat, the interior side wall of aluminum-plastic plate,one piece of 2kg fire extinguisher.
Optional configuration rings, curtains, metal paint, stainless steel handrails, oil way heater,the machine of ordinary insert coin, the insert coin machine identifying counterfeit coin, half wheel cover of stainless steel, with common blowing plastic seats, with blowing plastic seat of semi soft, ABS (Kemi), the stop announcer of computer, electronic signs at the right, the front and the rear, scrolling display screen inside the bus, iron checkered floor, aluminium checkered plate on bamboo floor, electric clock, the reminder for getting off, before the pneumatic double swinging inward door at the front, the pneumatic single folding door at the front, molding roof, adding radiators, preheating water heating with two radiators, 16.3kw independent water heating with two radiators, full overhead air conditioner of non independence (12000 kcal), monitor of double probes for reversing and getting off (color)

Online ConsultationSales@shaolin.com

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