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SLG6770Status symbol, Green Travel

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Length 7-8 meters
Bus model SLG6770
Dimension(mm) 7700*2400*3050
G.V.W.(kg) 9500
Max. speed(km/h) 69
Tire 7.50-20/8.25-16/7.50R20/8.25R16
Fuel tank (L) 150/4*80/2*80+2*50
Luggage compartment(M3) without
Clutch single plate, dry type, diaphragm springs.
Gearbox WLY5T55L, DF5S550, JK5S550.
Brake system Dual air brake.
Suspension system Taper leaf spring
Interiors Integrated environmental conservation interior
Air conditioner (A/C) optional
Heating system optional
Audio & video system radio & player
Body structure frame structure
Luggage rack without
Standard seats 21+1
Number of passengers 41/10-29
Standard configuration Grey vinyl flooring; Modesty panel behind driver; Side mirror; Defroster; Driver roller sun visor; Electric fun; Adjustable driver seat; Handrail; Pneumatic folding door; Blow molded seat; Sliding window with a fixed top; 2*120Ah batteries; Fire extinguisher(2kg); Aluminum composite wall panel;
Optional configuration Bus stop signal; Sliding window in a fixed panel; Stainless steel handrail; Fuel heater; Engine self-diagnosis apparatus; Deluxe side mirror; Bus fare box; Electric clock; Stainless steel/Aluminum wheel cover; Catching handle; Curtains; Semi-upholstered blow molded seat; Integral semi-upholstered blow molded seat; Engine preheater; Metallic paint; LED destination sign; Internal notice display; Bus stop announcer; Iron diamond plate flooring; Aluminum diamond plate laminated flooring; Reversing and internal camera display; Molded headliner; Additional heater blower; Heating system; Coolant heater; Roof mounted air conditioning system; Pneumatic inswing door; 7.50R20 tire;ABS.

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The volume of the optimized luggage compartmentis 13% larger than that of the vehicles of same kind and can carry moreluggage, bringing more convenience for passengers.Enlarged passenger compartment: voluminous interior space, widenedaisle ...