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SLG6107Graceful, comfortable ride

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Seats 32-45
Length 11-12 meters
Bus model SLG6107
Dimension(mm) 10495*2500*3500
G.V.W.(kg) 15000
Max. speed(km/h) 100
Tire 11R22.5
Fuel tank (L) 300
Luggage compartment(M3) 4.48
Clutch single plate, dry type, hydraulic operating.
Gearbox S6-100
Brake system service brake of a front disc and rear drum type.
Suspension system air suspension
Interiors Integrated environmental conservation interior
Air conditioner (A/C) with
Heating system with
Audio & video system HDD audio & visual
Body structure full monocoque
Luggage rack with
Standard seats 43+1+1
Number of passengers 24-45
Standard configuration Air condition; Independent heating; 17 inch color LCD; Hard disk media player; Remote keyless entry; Pneumatic aluminum alloy external swinging door; Luxury seats; Handrail; Aluminium-plastic panel; Luxury instrument desk ; Back guide monitor; Defroster; Driver roller sun visor; Stainless steel wheel rim cover; Through type luggage compartment; Front windsreen of panoramic view; sliding passenger Windows; Luxury rearview mirror; Safety hatch; Curtains; Electric clock; High-grade paint; Two 195Ah batteries; Safety belt; Whole vehicle sofe foam; GPS vehicle traveling data recorder.
Optional configuration Metallic paint, hollow glass, refrigerators, drinking machine, lateral displacement of passenger seat, passenger seat pedal, driver seat with weight adjustor, wheel cover of aluminum alloy, luxurious cloth curtains,preheating device,CAN bus, electric rearview mirror,aisle of aluminum pattern floor, assistant driver’s sunshade curtain, imported compressor, adding the radiator, the centralized lubrication system; reversing radar; adding the toilet, oil line heater.

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The volume of the optimized luggage compartmentis 13% larger than that of the vehicles of same kind and can carry moreluggage, bringing more convenience for passengers.Enlarged passenger compartment: voluminous interior space, widenedaisle ...